6th Annual SF6 Gas Management Seminar

Registration for the 2021 SF6 Gas Management Seminar has closed. Please stay tuned for more details and registration information for the 2022 SF6 Gas Management Seminar taking place November 8-9, 2022 in Tampa, FL. 

If you have registered for the 2021 SF6 Gas Management Seminar and are looking for the virtual lobby, please click below:

2021 Virtual SF6 Gas MGMT Seminar

While most people outside of the electrical and environmental industries are unfamiliar with Sulfur Hexafluoride, it is a compound that we manage every day at DILO. With over 50 years of SF6 gas handling experience, we understand the importance of responsibly utilizing this gas in electrical and transmission applications due to its high global warming potential.

Well-informed and trained technicians can greatly impact the reduction and elimination of SF6 gas emissions. It is DILO’s mission to provide an interactive platform for leaders and experts to share best management practices, mandatory/voluntary reporting updates, challenges, and safe handling information of SF6 while also focusing on other trends in the industry. DILO's premiere annual conference gives all stakeholders the opportunity to compare and share solutions that align with our “Zero Emissions” philosophy.


DILO Annual SF6 Gas Management Seminar- Free for utilities, government agencies, and OEMS

Learn From Industry Experts

Engaging presentations and hands-on break out sessions

The 6th Annual SF6 Gas Management Seminar will feature presentations from industry experts and demonstrations on best practices for SF6 gas handling. Registration includes:

  • Regulatory updates on SF6 gas
  • Emerging alternative technologies 
  • All About Analyzers Break-Out Session
  • Small Recovery Systems: Selecting the Right Device for the Job Break-Out Session
  • Nameplate Verification and Leak Detection Break-Out Session
  • Decomposition and SF6 By-products Break-Out Session
  • On-demand library of conference content available until January 2022
  • Mobile app access for all attendees
  • Live Q&A with video option for virtual attendees 

Who Should Attend

  • Substation maintenance engineers 
  • Utility environmental managers
  • Substation linemen
  • Electrical engineers
  • Utility asset managers 
  • SF6 gas handling specialists
  • Utility technical specialists
  • R&D teams for alternative solutions

Sponsorship Information 

Please contact us at marketing@dilo.com for information on our sponsorship packages. 


Please contact us at marketing@dilo.com with questions regarding DILO's 6th Annual SF6 Gas Management Seminar.