Trainings and Seminars

Preventing SF6 Emissions Through Awareness

DILO Company, Inc. and DILO Direct are committed to zero emissions of SF6, which is why we place great value on SF6 Safety and Handling Trainings. About 80% of manufactured SFis used in high voltage equipment like switchgears and circuit breakers. We understand the importance of responsibly utilizing SF6 in electrical and transmission applications due to its high global warming potential. Therefore, we are leading the charge in the industry for responsible handling of SF6 by educating users.

Well-informed and trained technicians are the first line of defense against SF6 leaks. Consequently, we place great emphasis on training to handle SF6 in a way that prevent emissions. Our accredited SF6 Safety and Handling and Circuit Breaker Fundamentals Training, which includes both theoretical and hands-on components, rewards participants with 3.2 CEUs upon successful completion. This interactive 4-day course focuses on theoretical background with practical field experience to provide technicians with vital knowledge for optimizing circuit breaker reliability.

Because we truly believe in the power of SF6 training and emission free gas handling, we also offer affordable, non-accredited SF6 trainings. Finally, we also offer customizable on-site trainings, which allow you to efficiently train your staff using your company’s own equipment at your facility.

In addition to our trainings, we host an annual SF6 Gas Management Seminar. This interactive platform allows leaders and experts to share challenges, best management practices, mandatory/voluntary SF6 GHG reporting updates, and safe handling information while also focusing on industry trends. Seminar attendance is free of charge for all utilities, OEMs, and government agencies.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or schedule a training.