For continuous drying of SF6 gas during operation

SF6 gas drying unit

In the past, if a high moisture content was measured in the SF6 gas, then preventive maintenance had to be carried out all the time, i.e. contaminated gas had to be recovered and replaced by new gas in order to prevent any malfunctions.

With the SF6 gas drying unit the SF6 can be recovered from the gas compartment while the switchgear is in operation, dried in the closed circuit and refilled into the gas compartment without having to switch off the electrical equipment. This makes the maintenance of switchgear simple and efficient while also minimizing operating costs.

Two different functions for drying, depending on the number of existing connecting couplings at the gas compartment, are available:

» Drying in a circuit, i.e. permanent circulation from and to the gas compartment (for this, 2 connecting couplings are needed).
» Storage in the internal 20 l vessel, drying through the internal dry filters and subsequent pumping back (for this, 1 connecting coupling is required).

The maximum quantity of gas to be recovered is calculated from the pressure difference between the nominal and minimum admissible filling pressure of the unit. High-precision pressure and moisture sensors in the drying unit monitor the drying process and ensure continuous and trouble-free operation. For example, the system stops automatically if the pressure falls below the set gas compartment pressure. The 7” color touch panel displays all important information, such as the current moisture content or the gas compartment pressure.

  • Continuous gas drying even during operation of the switchgear
  • Fully automated process
  • Dew point measurement at the inlet and outlet
  • Pressure monitoring of the gas compartment
  • Simple and intuitive operation via 7“ color touch panel
  • Optional operation via mobile devices