Gas drying unit

For drying gas during operation

Special features

  • Continuous gas drying
  • Fully automated process
  • Dew point measurement at the inlet and outlet
  • Pressure monitoring of the gas compartment (if the pressure falls below the set gas compartment pressure, the unit stops automatically)
  • Operation via 7" touch panel
DILO Gas Drying Unit Z1024R01

Optionally two circuits are available, depending on the existing connecting couplings on the gas compartment: Drying in circulation or drying by storing the gas in the internal dry filters.

Technical data

  • Oilfree DILO  compressor (1.6 m³, 50 bar)
  • Vacuum compressor: 3.3 m³/h, < 2 mbar
  • 3 dry filters (water adsorption capacity: 3 x 175 g at a dew point of -36 °C)
  • 3 particle filters
  • Measuring range of gas humidity: -55 to +30 °C atmospheric dew point
  • Storage ressel 20 l, 16 bar pe

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