Whether you need to request an RMA form, send a unit in for calibration, file a warranty claim, or require technical assistance, our After Sales Specialists are here to listen and help. DILO’s commitment to quality covers everything from market analysis to product development, construction, production, sales, distribution, training, and technical support after purchase. We stand behind our products and our After Sales Team is here to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it. Read on to learn a bit more about Christian and Mike.

Christian Celeste- After Sales Manager for DILO Company, Inc

As the After Sales Manager, Christian Celeste is responsible for leading and motivating the team to set objectives and targets. In addition to providing technical assistance to customers, Christian trains our DILO Certified Technicians how to service and maintain equipment in compliance with factory standards. He has worked for DILO for almost 10 years. Christian lived in Germany for 25 years and speaks the language fluently, which helps him communicate with colleagues at DILO GmbH in Germany. Christian’s favorite part of working at DILO is helping customers and working with the rest of our team. During his free time, Christian enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs at the beach.

Mike Biggs, After Sales Specialist for DILO Company, Inc

Mike Biggs is an After Sales Representative who assists with inbound return shipments and informing customers of service needs for their DILO equipment. When he’s not working hard at DILO, Mike likes to spend his time playing video games and completing home renovation projects. Mike is also working on his Bachelor of Science in Business and pursuing a certificate in Operations Management. Mike is one of the many U.S. Veterans we are proud to employ here at DILO. Prior to joining our team, Mike was an Electrical Technician in the United States Marine Corps.

When asked what they enjoy most about their work, the After Sales Team replied:

Honestly, the satisfaction of figuring out an issue a customer is having with their device and fixing it. If it has a DILO logo, call us and we will work together to achieve a solution.”

The most common issue customers have with their equipment is due to user error, but these are also the easiest, quickest, and cheapest problems to fix. Christian and Mike recommend reading the manual for every device before and during operation, but if you experience an issue they are ready for your call.

In closing, the After Sales Department would like to leave you with some practical advice to help extend the life of DILO equipment and minimize issues:

  • Stay current on best-practices with SF6 Safety and Handling Trainings.
  • Keep up with the maintenance schedule for all DILO equipment.
  • Ensure DILO equipment is stored with no pressure left inside.
  • Flush measuring devices after consuming large amounts of moisture or SO2.
  • Exchange gas cart filters yearly.
24/7 DILO After Sales Technical Support

You can reach our After Sales Technicians by calling 727-376-5593 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. If you require immediate support after hours, please call DILO After-Hours Technical Support at 727-373-8794*.

*Please note, additional costs may be applicable for after-hours support.