Direct Connect

Technological advances designed to make our day to day a bit easier are popping up in every facet of our lives. DILO is proud to introduce our Direct Connect feature, which allows our technicians to troubleshoot DILO devices from afar via remote access.

DILO equipment with Direct Connect hardware allows for a remote connection to DILO devices using 4G technology. This allows our technicians to operate the software on compatible DILO devices from anywhere in the world. With remote access, our technicians are able to quickly and effectively diagnose problems and assist users with operation issues, no matter where the customer is located.  

DILO Direct Connect Feature

Technicians utilizing equipment with DILO Direct Connect technology will have the confidence they are operating the equipment to the fullest potential with easy connection to DILO. There is no better training support then being able to work with the manufacture in the field.  Now, not only are your technicians bringing quality equipment to the field, they are also bringing DILO with them!

DILO Direct Connect utilizes hardware that establishes a securely encrypted VPN connection to a cloud-based remote control service, ensuring full protection against any unauthorized access.

The purchase of many DILO devices, such as the B143 Mini Series Cart, the Economy and Mega Series Gas Carts, and all new analyzer models, automatically include a  2-year subscription to the Direct Connect Service Plan. Direct Connect Support includes two service calls or 2 support hours per device, per day. Support is available 24/7 and remote maintenance service during the 2-year time period is free of charge, excluding the cost of repair parts.

Don’t need new equipment, but want the Direct Connect support?  Retrofit kits are available for older touch-screen models, such as L-Series carts manufactured after 2017. Your Regional Sales Manager will be happy to discuss options with you. Please email us for more information.