New Online RMA Forms

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to fill out our Return Material Authorization Form and receive an RMA number. Gone are the days of scanning, faxing, or e-mailing! Now, all RMA forms can be conveniently filled out and submitted online.

RMA Forms

We understand that when your equipment is on the fritz, you want to get it working as soon as possible. If you have to send something to DILO, filling out an RMA Form can seem like a minute task, but we cannot stress its importance enough! It is crucial that we have all the relevant information so that we can provide you with an RMA number quickly and get your repair or gas processing underway.

At any given time, we have cylinders and equipment from hundreds of customers at our facilities for processing, calibration, or repair. In order to complete calibrations and repairs in an efficient manner, all equipment must be accompanied by an RMA form and number. Otherwise, we spend valuable time hunting down the owner of a piece of equipment when we could be calibrating or repairing it.

Anything sent to us, whether it’s SF6 gas to be reconditioned, an analyzer to be calibrated, or a leak detector in need of repair, requires an RMA number. Aside from providing basic and relevant details like contact, shipping, and billing information, RMA forms also help us protect our technicians. SF6 gas can cause harmful by-products and special PPE is required when handling equipment that has been contaminated. Therefore, it is imperative the contamination disclosure is filled out completely and correctly by each customer.

Choosing the Right Form

At DILO, we have two RMA forms- one for equipment and one for SF6 gas. If you need to have an analyzer calibrated or send in any equipment for repair, you would utilize the Return Materials Request Form for Equipment. If you are sending in cylinders with SF6 gas for reconditioning or disposal, you would use the RMA Form for SF6 Gas.

After we receive a completed RMA request, our team will prepare a quote for the service being requested and issue an RMA number. Next, the customer can ship the equipment to DILO and include their RMA number. After receiving and inspecting the cylinders or device, we will prepare an estimate for customer review and approval. After approval, the item is calibrated, repaired, or the gas is processed and then shipped back to the customer (if applicable).  

We hope offering you a glimpse into the process behind our RMA forms will make the process more seamless for everyone. Our new RMA form is easier than ever to fill out. Simply click on the appropriate RMA form link, fill out all the required information, and click submit. Our After Sales or DILO Direct Technicians will be in touch and your gas processing, calibration, or repair will be underway in no time!

Equipment RMA Form

SF6 Gas/Cylinder RMA Form